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Why You Will Love Cornwall

6 Reasons Why West (Cornwall) is Best

Clearly, we are biased in this being based in England’s most-westerly town, but we whole-heartedly believe that the West of our beautiful County is most definitely the place to be. Read below for 6 of the big reasons why we think you need to keep driving and head as far as you can into Cornwall!

Spring Comes Earlier

After a long and often dreary Winter, we are all looking forward to seeing the Spring flowers pop out of the soil. Like colourful beacons of hope that tell us soon, maybe tomorrow, we will see some sunshine! Well, living in West Cornwall, you are among the first in England to see the much-needed arrival of warmer weather and longer, brighter days.

Usually early to mid-March signals the start of the daffodil season, before the rest of the country, and we definitely see the weather change for the better around March. Spring is a great time to get your property on the sales market in Cornwall as not only will the external photos look brighter and more attractive, but also this is a busy time for estate agents with buyers’ enquiries.

Iconic Landmarks

From castles plonked out at sea to theatres carved out of dramatic cliffsides, West Cornwall has some spectacular sights and that’s before we get to their stunning beaches!

St Michael’s Mount is actually a parish all of its own, connected to the mainland at low tide by a granite cobbled causeway, but at high tide, it is completely surrounded by the sea. More than just a big house in West Cornwall, the Mount is home to around 30 people, with a harbour and sub-tropical gardens.

Just further west again from Marazion and Mounts Bay, you will hit Porthcurno with the breathtaking Minack Theatre. The brainchild of a very determined lady called Rowena Cade, the theatre is dug into the side of a cliff overlooking the sea. Show-goers here can enjoy stunning sunsets and dolphins as the backdrop to a dramatic performance – it really is magical!

The further into West Cornwall that you venture, the more you uncover, and there are various ancient sites with burial mounds, iron age settlements, and curious granite formations – it’s a great area to explore!

Access to the Isles of Scilly

Approximately 45 km from the coast of Cornwall, lie the archipelago known more commonly as the Isles of Scilly. In total, there are 140 islands, however, only 5 of these are inhabited: St Mary’s, St Martin’s, Bryher, Tresco, and St Agnes. The islands are beautiful; typically low-lying heathland bordered by swathes of white or golden sandy beaches and crystal clear water.

St Mary’s is the largest island and unless you hop on the helicopter to Tresco, this is where your adventure will begin having taken the Scillonian ferry or one of the small propellor planes. Tresco is smaller, but boasts sub-tropical gardens on the grounds of Tresco Abbey and has numerous beaches backed by beautiful dunes and vibrant agapanthus flowers.

You can fly to the Isles of Scilly from Penzance heliport or from Land’s End airport, near St Just. Alternatively, you can jump on the Scillonian ferry at Penzance.

Fantastic Communities

West Cornwall is a special place in which to live, and we are blessed with smaller towns, villages, and communities – that is not to say that we don’t have diverse and rich communities though!

Two of Cornwall’s most westerly towns: Penzance and St Just are good examples of buzzing communities. Penzance has an annual festival over two weeks called Golowan, while St Just has one called Lafrowda. Both run across a fortnight featuring workshops, activities, and events leading up to the climatic Saturday at the end of the fortnight.

St Just, as England’s most westerly town, really bucks the trend of the widespread belief that the high street is dying. In St Just, people living here are turning their houses back into shops, galleries, and eateries as the town appears to grow in popularity year on year. It is a fantastically welcoming and friendly place in which to live in West Cornwall.

Lesser-Known Beaches

As anyone who lives in Cornwall can confirm, Summer is chaos! Roads are packed, cash machines are empty and beaches get filled. So, to find a secluded yet beautiful patch of sand all to yourself would be impossible right? Not in West Cornwall!

If you are willing to scramble, walk and possibly even climb a little, private coves are a real thing, but you have to know the area and be careful with regards to access and tides.

West Cornwall has some of the most beautiful beaches on offer – as anyone living here will know.


Cape Cornwall, near St Just, Cornwall

Home to England’s Only Cape

Originally thought to be ‘Land’s End’ (until someone discovered that the actual Land’s End sticks out slightly more), Cape Cornwall is a headland just outside St Just. Cape Cornwall is England’s ONLY Cape and is mostly owned and managed by the National Trust.

Roughly a mile from Cape Cornwall is a rock formation called the “Brisons” – they are now famous for featuring on the credits to BBC’s Poldark. Cape Cornwall is a beautiful spot on sunny days and equally mesmerising on stormy days as waves batter the coast. It is somewhere that those living in St Just are fortunate enough to be able to walk to for sunset picnics or Summertime barbecues (not disposable barbecues obviously!).

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