Section 106 Explained

Affordable Homes Cornwall

Affordable & Local Housing Needs Section 106 Explained What is a Section 106? In short, a Section 106 is a legal obligation accepted by a developer when building properties to also serve and facilitate the local community. The obligation will very often mean that the property in question would be kept ‘affordable’ and will have […]

Dressed To Impress – or Not?

Property staging or dressing

Is staging your property the right way to go? Dressed to Impress – or Not? Property staging – What You Should Consider In this technology-driven age, media is everywhere! Images, videos, virtual tours – the humble written description is often overlooked until much later in the buyer’s exploration of your property in West Cornwall! If […]

What Does Your Estate Agent Do For You?

Estate Agents - their role

Estate Agent’s Role Outlined What Does Your Agent Do For You? Where to Begin… Estate Agents have been around for centuries; albeit under different titles prior to the 1800s, but there has always been a need for someone to manage the sale of land and property in the UK. The market and the industry have […]